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The Prime Retaining Walls Denver started its business very early, and one of the primary to focus on retaining wall structure. From heaviness treated timber to modular wedge walls, we have made a large number of walls in Denver more than the years. We have made walls for many of the bigger homemakers in Denver, different custom builders, and innumerable home possessors. We will welcome the opportunity to put effort with you and with your retaining wall requirements. We offer services in Denver, Denver CO, TX, Denver, and County.

Our services vary from the plan of walls to a completed product. If required, we will allow and make engineer walls. We focus on tearing out and substitute of current or deteriorating walls, quarry and backfill, and compaction of all walls with a guarantee. As each project is exclusive, based on the individual requirements of every client we can put effort jointly to personalize your retaining walls. We work strictly with our customers to actualize their thoughts and make sure that they encompass a role in the creative procedure each step of the way.

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    I appreciate your work! Your work looks very well than I had ever anticipated, absolutely worth the linger.

    • Devis Jhon
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    Our front yard landscaping not at all appeared very good. Thanks for doing such a good job.

    • Devis
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No acerbic corners, no careless work, and no justifications signify no concerns for you!


Our Mission

Our mission is to create retaining walls and set up paver patios that would not only go for a lifetime but will in addition praise the nearby landscape.


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Our expert landscapers are certified in helping our Denver customers make and set up the most successful retaining wall.


Our Vision

Our mission is easy and apparent. We vow to make retaining walls that would not only go for a lifetime but will also accolade the nearby landscape.

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